crazy_red_starz (crazy_red_starz) wrote in votemyattitude,

sorry everyone i haven't wrote in the community in a long while, my puter was all messed up and still barely works, but im gettin my own soon ;D so its all good hah but im back now ....

lately i've done a little bit of stuff .. i went shopin for school, i really hate doin this cuz im not allowed wearing them till school starts, which sucks hah but its all good ... anyways a little about me .. i can be nice, and i can be mean, it depends on how you act towards me, im easy to get a long with, and fun .. i post a lot of pics, well sometimes when i get in the mood that is ;D so if you'd like add me, and i'll add you back ... but comment first, so i know ya added me thanks ya'll ;D
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